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Aboveground Petroleum Storage Act Program

Program Overview

For detailed information regarding the AST program, use this
link to go to Cal EPA's website.  A Workgroup was formed to give guidance on how to regulate the program and provide training.

1995 US EPA Study on Oil Spills from Aboveground Storage Tanks

US EPA January 25, 2011 SPCC Refresher Training Presentation

Tier I facilities are those:  with no more than 10,000 gallons of oil, and with no single container exceeding 5,000 gallons, and which has had no single discharge to navigable waters or adjoing shorelines exceeding 1,000 gallons and no two discharges each exceeding 42 gallons within any 12 month period in the prior 3 years.

Tier I facilities may self-certify their SPCC plan and may use the US EPA SPCC template f or Tier I facilties. 

US EPA Qualified Tier I Facility SPCC Plan Template - When using this template note that facility should include the local CUPA as part of the facility's spill reporting requirements.

 US EPA Qualified Tier I Facility SPCC Plan Template (Word)

Online Course to complete a Tier I Qualified Facility SPCC Plan

Issue Coordinators  Mike Vizzier, Randy Sawyer Click here to see a list of the Issue Cooridinators.

Tecnical Adviory Group (TAG)  
Not set at this time 

Current Projects:  Working with the State Fire Marshall on their Advisory Committee that will establish regulations and state surcharge for APSA

Legislative and Regulatory News

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