Program Overview

The California Accidental Release Prevention has taken the EPA's Risk Management Program and made it more stringent for California.  The purpose of the program is to prevent the catastrophic release of regulated substances.  This is a performance based regulation that has different prevention elements for different program levels.  The program also required regulated sources to perform an off-site consequence analysis looking at the potential impact of a release of a regulated substance under a worst case and alternate release scenarios.

Issue Coordinators

Randy Sawyer 
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Technical Adviory Group (TAG)

Not Active at this time

Current Projects

Working with CalEMA on updating the CalARP Program regulations

Suggested Changes to the CalARP Program Regulations November 3, 2010

Legislative and Regulatory News

Matrix of Suggested Changes to Title 19 Dealing with the California Accidental Release Prevention Program Regulations

Federal EPA Responses to Frequently Asked Questions
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