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Conference Center
For each of the conferences listed on this page you will find an index to the speaker rosters, biographies, and presentation materials. Click on a conference
On this page you will find links to the Cal-CUPA calendar, online Directory of members, forms, guidelines, training information, and a search page for

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Business Plans
Hazardous Waste

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Welcome to our new website
Cal cupa has a new web site.
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Ammonia Refrigeration Training System - Regulator Training
ARTS Regulator Training - August 21, 2008 Salinas, CA Sherwood Community Center
Hazardous Materials Specialist - City of Santa Monica
Job announcement for City of Santa Monico Hazardous Materials Specialist
Mars Surveyor Mission
This Mars Global Surveyor (MGS) Mars Orbiter Camera (MOC) image taken May 11, 2006 and released by NASA May 17, 2006 shows adjacent impact craters located north-northwest of the Acheron Fossae region ...

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CUPA Trust Hints/Tips  (81.5 KB)
Inspection Checklist Template Quick Guide [v 1.0]  (183.8 KB)
UST Violation Library and Inspection Checklist  (67.3 KB)
Tiered Permitting Violation Library and Inspection Checklist  (121.2 KB)

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How is this web site organized?

Can anyone participate?

How can I participate?

What is the CUPA Forum and what does it do?

What's a PA?

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  CUPA Forum Board Meeting  [12/11/2013]
          CUPA Forum Board Meeting
  Southern Region UST TAG Meeting  [12/07/2011]
          Calendar Brief
  2012 UPAAG Meeting  [12/06/2012]
          8:30 am-3pm (Cal-EPA Building, Sacramento)
  2012 CUPA Forum Board Meeting  [12/05/2012]
          9 am-5pm (Citizen’s Hotel, Sacramento)
  UPAAG  [12/04/2008]
          Calendar Brief

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