TanksOn this page you will find links to the Cal-CUPA calendar, online Directory of members, forms, guidelines, training information, and a search page for locating information on the sites.

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  • Directory - Search by name, organization, location, or type of membership.

  • CUPA / PA List - Contact Information (Updated Sept. 3, 2010), PDF 61K.
  • Local Agency Contact List - List of agencies and contacts EXCEL (50k). (Updated Jan. 26, 2007)

  • Calendar - Locate events by month, day or year. Entries in the calendar contain links back to the training page.

  • Forms / Guidelines - CalEPA Unified Forms, OES Consolidated Contingency Plan, Guidelines for Global Positioning System Units, and Guidance for the Preparation of Inspection and Enforcement Program Plans.

  • Resources - CUPA program information, laws & regs, state, local, federal agencies, and general and special interest links.

  • Search - Locate information on the Cal-CUPA site by keyword. A list of links to pages will be returned that contain the keyword.

  • Support Center - Central location for suveys and supporting applications.
  • Training - This page is an index of links to training information: brochures, signup forms, class descriptions. Also see the Calendar for training dates and times.

  • Industry Commentary - This section will be your source of minutes and agendas for the Industry Roundtable meetings with Cal EPA and the CUPA Forum Board.
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